For a layman, the term “startup” is often visualized as growing companies. But when you are a constantly interacting species in the Startup ecosystem you should be knowing better than that. There are various steps and stages that a Startup has to go through before......

Thanos, a CIE-IIITH based startup takes spotlight at biennale air show and exhibition, Aero India 2019. Read more about it on the IIIT-H blog post:

CIE’s incubated startup Onward Health and its AI based Healthcare offshoot bags the Best Technology Innovation Awards at HYSEA Product Awards & Expo 2018. Read more about it on IIIT-H blog post:

CIE incubated startup Manjeera Digital Systems leads the way by building the first Indian Processor to enable AI processing. Read more about it on IIIT-H blog post: