Ten years of hand-holding tech startups

We are a tech incubator with a decade of rich experience in fostering deep-tech communities that create and scale technologies like med tech, tech4social, visual informatics, data engineering, machine learning, language technologies, gaming and robotics.

Digital Paradigm


Develop solutions with the brightest minds from the IIIT Hyderabad research centers.


Unprecedented access to the latest infrastructure and management services.


Cohort-based programs to support early-stage deep tech startups.


Seed and Angel support is available for pathbreaking ideas in the world of technology.

Impact Created

200 +

Startups Facilitated

10,000 +

Entrepreneurs Engaged

3 Cr

Invested in 30 startups

1,400 +

Jobs Created

100 Cr +

Portfolio Valuation

17 +

Startups and research labs engagement


Deep Tech startups are currently developing a range of innovations that were previously only conceptualised by writers of science fiction. These deep tech startups — those relying heavily on tech breakthroughs and tangible IP — are on the rise globally. Let’s see how these startups......

Deep-tech technologies or Deeptech are described as innovative solutions designed based on distinctive and hard-to-reproduce advancements in Science and Technology. These approaches have strong research support as a baseline and tend to either disrupt Industries or create new markets. In the late 20th century, the......

The question “What is a Deep Tech Startup?” keeps popping once in a while, typically,  if you are a part of the ecosystem and conversing about infant ideas with aspiring or been-there-done-that entrepreneurs is just another day of your work life and most of your......

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