Do’s and Don’ts of Corporate Connect

Do’s and Don’ts of Corporate Connect

In this course, We will understand the significance  of corporate connect  with emerging startups and how to identify problem areas in an enterprise team.This course also studies the skill required to build a functional technology which can cater to any customer base. 


Lesson 1: Connecting Emerging Tech with Enterprises 

Speaker: He is the Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of PerspectAI. & before joining this company he has worked with companies like Dirt9 Group, Conduira, Accenture & others. He holds an engineering degree from the Gandhi Institute of Technology & Management (GITAM) University, Visakhapatnam.

Video A.  What is the current enterprise’s opportunity in emerging technology ? (:00 – 12:48)

Video B.  Looking at a mobile game as a way of hiring the right candidate, that whole idea how will that be received ? (12:48 – 21:24)


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Lesson 2: Concept selling new technology to enterprises

Speaker: Rajan is an Innovator, Strategist, technology enthusiast who continues to re-invent and explore new areas of opportunities .


Video A.  What enterprises,use skill do you pick and go about the process ? (:00 – 9:07)

Video B.  Convincing your startup about blockchain ? (9:07 – 24:00)


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