Winning Customers when navigating the regulatory quagmire: In conversation with Sandeep, founder AdOnMo

CIE brings to our Deeptech community,

Fire Up Founder Insights series 4th edition, hosted by our COO, Mr. Ramesh Loganathan. The series is brought to you as a part of Startup Gyan Blog series by CIE-IIITH  where we feature our founders and talk about their Startup status and the journey so far through conversation on specific topics useful for other Deeptech startups and the community at large.

In Conversation with Sandeep, founder AdOnMo:

“I was once told that only foolish people are foolish enough to start a company that looks difficult on the outside” – Sandeep

Overcoming a swarm of regulatory approvals, AdOnMo is a survivor coming from an ex-employee from Microsoft and then landed over 18 big players as its clients. The Startup has won several awards such as Geospatial World Excellence Award at Gwf 2018, Best Startup 2018 from Govt Of Telangana along with the founder winning Star Innovator at Ges 2017 and featured in Forbes 30 under 30.

Adonmo is a new age Ad-Tech startup pioneering a technology fuelled transformation in the outdoor advertising. The Startup is unifying digital and out of home advertising to make the process more targeted through mediums like taxi-tops displays, bus-back displays and digital billboards. The platform deploys real-time tracking and detailed analytics to help brands increase their responsiveness in real-time and aid in boosting customer’s purchase intent.

The brush with Regulation:

“Our first reaction was why isn’t anybody else doing this already and regulation was none of the reasons that we could think of”

On the contrary, the challenge was, in fact, regulation by Government. The Startup approached a traffic police official and convinced him to see the demo and benefits. This was followed by numerous visits to the Government.

Dealing with Regulation:

  • Identify the value added or impact created to the community
  • Position your proposal such as to seek Government attention and understanding of it beyond just a business proposal
  • Some State governments are more proactive to support startups
  • Approach a government official through your contacts
  • Be persistent in following up with the Official
  • Progress towards your end goal in small and consistent steps

The Growth Hack tip:

Spend 40% of your time on Hiring and make sure that you, being the founder, personally interview the candidate.

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– Sunita Kumari, Team CIE