Survey of AI Startups in Hyderabad (2021)

With Hyderabad topping the list of cities in India that have taken over the tech industry, the subset of this is the rise of emerging startups in India. IIIT-Hyderabad  in partnership with T-Incubators Accelerator group have come up with a report specifically listing AI startups in Hyderabad.

This report profiles the AI startups in Hyderabad based upon a survey of various incubators, accelerators, and startup programs in the city. Startups that are either based out of or are a part of a medium- term program in the city have been considered. The startups have been analysed to present a view of the AI innovation ecosystem in the city. While this report was initiated in April 2021,the application to fill further startups names is open. The aim of this report is to strengthen and build the ecosystem around startups in Hyderabad who are not only in AI but also from other technologies.

The report jots down startups that are in domains, technology, Incubation base and so on.This bifurcation was specifically made in order to understand and identify patterns in the startup space where stakeholders can leverage possible opportunities and fix visible gaps to further strengthen the ecosystem.

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