Strategies, Learning from experienced entrepreneurs.

Strategies/ Learning from experienced entrepreneurs.

Introduction: In this course, we discuss how to keep your startup running through disruptions, and how to marry various factors that influence the stability of your startup.Learning from the initial years of creating a startup and the challenges and factors to be taken into account while building technology for your startups.

*personal hacks on how to keep up your productivity while working remotely.


Lesson 1: Keep your startup running during disruptions

Speaker:Dinesh from Onward health, talk about his experiences of keeping your startups running during disruptions. Dinesh is the CEO of Onward Health and  has 18+ years Exec experience in the Healthcare & Technology spaces, after a successful Corporate journey through P&L Management, Customer Management, Tech & Growth Initiatives.

A.  How does a startup battle disruptions and reach a significant stage?(:00-9:43 sec)

B. How are startups impacted by big disruptions, for instance the pandemic?(9:44-21:28 sec)

Quick Read:
Foundation for a startup 

Reading Material:Pandemic tips on start-up
Key to unlocking post crisis growth



Lesson 2: Building future tech with super minimal resources


Speaker:Sriram from discusses  the use of minimal resources in building tech futures.

A.  How does one develop cutting edge technologies as frugally as possible?(:00-11:31)

B. What is the process to tap a technology to cater to diverse opportunities?(11:32-25:54)

Quick reads:
Building a tech company with no tech background

Reading Material :
Starting a tech company
Starting a tech company  with no resources 



Lesson 3: Negotiating pilots and channels for healthcare startups


In this lesson, we discuss the approach around negotiating pilots and indicators to look for while building channels for your startup.


Speaker: Soumitra Founder of Soujhe Innovative Healthcare which focuses on IoT enabled gamified rehab services. In this lesson, he discusses the good, bad aspects of navigating the healthcare space.

A. How does a startup journey through research negotiations in healthcare? (:00-6:04 sec)

B. How does a startup manage pilot and channel negotiations?(6:05-13:50 sec)

Quick reads:
Startup Negotiations

Reading Article:
Negotiating the healthcare Industry



Lesson 4: Downside of pivoting excessively

Speaker: Trivikram is the founder of Xmachines. Walk us through his journey of building deeptech startups and how pivoting helps. 

A.  Why is there so much Pivoting in Deep Tech startups?(:00-6:56 sec)

Quick Reads:
Adoption of Deeptech

Reading Article:
Pivot a deep tech startup.
Factors influencing a startup to  Pivot 




Lesson 5: Designing strategies for business development

Speakers:In this talk Sai Sundaram shares insights on “Designing strategies for business development”.Sai is a senior business leader with 25+ years experience in financial services, helping organisations achieve their business goals in various roles including driving innovation in their partner relationships across technology, operations and finance.


A. Process of devising a business development strategy(:00-15:00 sec)

B. How does one arrive at a market strategy from a business development strategy?(15:01-30:49 sec)

Quick Reads:
Design Strategy is business strategy

Reading Material:
Proven business strategies for startups
Strategic innovation -Strategic Business



Lesson 6: A high value subsystem or fully integrated product

Speaker:Harsha is the founder of Uton Energia and discusses with us how to fully integrate a product.He specializes in EV and Electrical power services. 


A. How does one pick between a high value subsystem and a fully integrated product?(:00-11:55 sec)
B. Is it easy to develop an integrated product after having developed a working subsystem?(11:55-22:08 sec)


Quick Reads:
principles of Integration

Reading Material:
Information Systems for Business functions
Subsystem levels



Lesson 7:Balancing Growth and risk


Speaker:Sanjay Jesrani is the Founder & CEO of Go North Ventures. Go North Ventures is an angel investment and advisory firm, focused on investing in & mentoring Startups. It also provides Strategy inputs to high growth Early stage companies and SMB’s moving to their next orbit.


A. The structural factors that define your ability to mitigate risk.(:00 sec to 12:55 sec)

B. How can startups chunk their product such that every chunk gets them either customers or some customer feedback?(12:56 sec to 29:17 sec)

Quick Reads:
Balancing risk vs opportunity

Reading Material:

What kills a Startup

Balancing your startups success 



Lesson 8:Starting Up when still a student

Speaker: Prasanth from Commut talks to us about how to create a concrete form from an Idea and ways to encourage students to be entrepreneurs.

A.  How does an idea take a more concrete form?(:00-11:22 sec)

B.  How can student founders deflect societal pressures to startup?(11:23-23:20 sec)

Quick Reads:
Turning ideas into business

Reading Material:
How long until you have a successful startup
How to come up with a business Idea 


Lesson 9:Adapting agile as startup grows

Speaker: Murali is Chief Information Officer for Paymatrix. He is responsible for the management and improvement of the entire technical interfaces & infrastructure of the company.

Murali holds a B.Tech in Electrical and Communications Engineering from BIT Mesra and is a Certified DB2 App Developer

A. How startups adapt to changing scenarios like surviving a pandemic lockdown?(:00-11:49 sec)

B. How does one impact major product changes to be customer ready?(11:50-21:44 sec)

Quick Read:
Startups surviving the pandemic

Reading Material:

A survival guide for startups during the coronavirus pandemic
Effects of the Pandemic on Startups



Lesson 10:Engaging teams

Speakers: Praveen founder of Sociohub discusses team management and understanding challenges. worked on a discovery and engagement platform for bringing the Indian startup ecosystem together. MBA in Entrepreneurship from Babson College with 12+ years of combined experience as a Senior Manager in Corporate Development at WEX.

A.  Productivity of a close-knit team vs. Diversifying into remote talent(:00-14:12 sec)

B. How does one build an engaged team in challenging times? (14:13- 23:01 sec)

Quick read:

Engage Employees

Reading Material:
Tips from Industry experts on engaging employees
Engaging Leader Samples


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