Startup Opportunities in AI and Emerging Technologies

Startup Opportunities in AI and Emerging Technologies.

Course Introduction : In this course, we will discuss identifying emerging technologies and how to sell emerging technologies  to your client  while building value around your product. We will discuss how the NLP domain helps you have a dialogue with your product and how to identify your market segment via different domains.

Lesson 1: Technology seeking problems to solve AI & Blockchain in EV

Speaker Profile: Sravan Chaithanya is the CEO at Stealth startup, Spaikaven which provides accountable, consistent, scalable, outcome driven AI and blockchain solutions across industries. Sravan has been involved in AI since 2007 in a variety of roles such as Developer, Project Manager, Delivery Head and Account Manager.

Video A. How does emerging technology help in finding the right use case? (:00 – 9:27 sec)

Video B. How do you sell the concept of using emerging technology? (9:27 – 26:41 sec)

Quick Read:

Reading articles:
Artificial intelligence to support the deployment of electric Vehicles 

Blockchain to help in electric vehicle adoption 

Lesson 2: NLP Startup Case Study

Speaker: Srikanth T is the founder of Proxzar. He is a SaaS Architect and a CAD/CAM Consultant and stays current with the SOTA technologies in the domains of IT and discrete manufacturing.

Video A.  How to find problems worth solving in the NLP domain? (:00 – 9:13 secs)

Video B.  What use cases have been identified in different domains apart from technology used cases?Where to look for them? (9:14 – 17:46 secs)

Quick Reads:
Problems in natural language processing

Reading Material:
The challenge of natural language processing
Step by step guide to solving NLP problems

Lesson 3: Leveraging AI to create value in a crowded market segment 

In this course, we discuss the various areas AI can help you in refining your product and the importance of discovering your niche in a competitive market and resonating with your customers.

Speaker: Arun Satyan is the founder of Hyreo, a candidate engagement platform built on the philosophy of creating a candidate centric recruiting model.

Video A.  How do you leverage AI and stand out in crowded markets?(:00 – 9:32 secs)
Video B.  How do you discover a niche for yourself in the highly competitive domain of AI?(9:33-  23:42 secs)

Quick Read:
Ai in marketing

Reading Material:
Industry analysis with artificial intelligence and AI markets
Artificial Intelligence Market Statistics

Lesson 4: Power of AI in unexpected realms

Speaker: Dr. Vishal Gupta is the founder of Design, building a smart interface to make research efficient and reproducible with cutting edge Artificial Intelligence to analyse the scientific web.

Video A.  How does one come up with ideas about using technology to solve nuanced problems?(:00-7:17 secs)

Video B.  What are some unexpected and unique used cases for AI ?(7:18- 18:35 secs)

Quick Read:
Artificial Intelligence index report

Reading material:
How humans and AI might evolve together
How are different sectors using AI?

Lesson 5: Product Intelligence and the power of analytics helping startups

Speaker: Krishna K is the co-founder and CEO of Apxor, a popular brand within the Indian mobile app industry. He is a technologist with over 14 years of experience entirely in mobile based startups.

Video A.  What are the analytics and intelligent variables built into your products?(:00-12:32 secs)

Video B.  How can large enterprises incorporate product intelligences into their existing applications?(12:33 – 21:36 secs)

Quick Reads:
5 ways data analytics can help startups

Reading Material:
Analytics for Startups
The role of data analytics in startup companies- Exploring challenges and barriers.

Lesson 6: Leveraging emerging technologies for public service

Speaker:  Prem Kumar Vislawath, Founder & Chief Innovator at Marut Drones, India’s first AI solution for mosquito eradication + malaria and dengue prevention.

Video A.  How does the whole process of leveraging emerging technologies for public services start?(:00-9:52 secs)

Video B.  Does new technology invite excitement or concerns with the government?How do you get them to drop inhibitions?(9:53 – 19:02 secs)

Quick Reads:
How harnessing emerging technology keeps government resilient and safe

Reading Material:
Use of emerging technologies in the public sector.

Being smart emerging technologies and innovation in the public sector