Scaling : Learn, Pivot and Accelerate

Scaling : Learn, Pivot and Accelerate

Introduction: In this course,we discuss how timing, feedback and market research can help you pivot towards a plan that helps you build a scalable model for your startup. This exercise also creates opportunities to look into aspects that you might have missed while building your business model.We will also look at ways to create a connection with your customer which helps you build a product which is sustainable, scalable and also integrated with technology.

Lesson 1: Pivoting towards scaling customer markets:

Speaker: Chinmay and Raja from Clapone, discuss Pivoting towards scaling customer markets. (Add a description to the speaker.)

Video A.  How does a startup pivot towards customer traction?(:00-9:50)

Video B.  What are some key pivots for a startup before they reach a scalable model?(9:50-25:26 secs)

Quick Reads:
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Reading Material:

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Lesson 2: Creating B2B Value to get a major player as first customer

Speaker: Sachin,

Speaker: Sachin from Agilitix discusses connecting to the customer by using the customers data as a foundational piece to gain traction for your product.

Video A.  Connecting your tech with customer needs. (0:00 – 9:30)

Video B.  How to attract a major player as your first customer by connecting to them? (9:31 – 21:30)

Quick Reads: 

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