Scaling : Learn, Pivot and Accelerate

Scaling : Learn, Pivot and Accelerate

Introduction: In this course,We discuss how timing, feedback and market research can help you pivot towards a model that helps you build a scalable model for your startup. This exercise also creates opportunities to look into aspects that you might have missed while building your business model.Ways to create a connection with your customer which helps you build a product which is sustainable, scalable and also integrated with technology. 



Lesson 1: Pivoting towards scaling customer markets:


Speaker:Chinmay and Raja from Clapone, discuss Pivoting towards scaling customer markets. (Add a description to the speaker.)

A.  How does a startup pivot towards customer traction?(:00-9:50)


B. What are some key pivots for a startup before they reach a scalable model?(9:50-25:26 secs)


Quick Reads:
101 of business scaling

Reading Material:

5 Strategies to scaling growth
Pivot to Scale your startups



Lesson 2: Creating B2B Value to get a major player as first customer

Speaker: Sachin,


Speaker:Sachin from Agilitix discusses connecting to the customer by using the customers data as a foundational piece to gain traction for your product.

A.  Connecting your tech with customer needs. (0:00 – 9:30)

B. How to attract a major player as your first customer by connecting to them? (9:31 – 21:30)


Quick Reads: 

5 tips to build a work class B2B customer service


Reading Articles:


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