cie newsletter february 2020

Newsletter February 2020

CIE-IIIT Hyderabad co-sponsored startup stage cash prizes at Bio Asia 2020. Congratulations to Lycan 3D, Callzy, Oncosimis Biotech, Heamac Healthcare, Flexmotiv Technologies 


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CIE's DeeptechLabs are now open to applicants! A passive support program to nurture and enable early stage emerging tech startups
Apply now !!

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Apply now for a two month micro accelerator to review the product user interaction model and UI.
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CIE IIIT Hyderabad is now a site recognized by Telangana Government for drone startups. Startups can apply to test their solutions. 

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CIE IIITH hosted Investor Readiness Bootcamp with Sanjay Jesrani and Rakesh Bhatia on 08th February 2020

CIE IIITH Hosted Medtech Investor Social with Dr.Ambhuj Chaturvedi  as part of Road to Bio Asia on 8th February 2020

CIE hosted a Grant Writing bootcamp session with Dr. Radha Rangarajan and Dr. Ambuj Chaturvedi as part of Road to Bio Asia on 11th February 2020

TCIE hosted AI for Healthcare workshop where speakers were Dr. Aneek Das, Dr. Dinesh Koka and Dr. Mahesh Iyer as part of Road to Bio Asia 2020 on 14th February 2020
T health cafe BioAsia 2020 edition, panel discussion with Dr.Radha Rangarajan, Prof.Sarang Deo, Dr.Suresh Munuswamy, Mr.Raghu Gullapalli, Dr.Geeta Vemuganti, Dr.Sridhar, Dr.Madhusudhan Rao on 17th February 2020

TatvaXR meetup on "VR in pre-visualization of movies" on 27th February 2020

CIE hosted StartOps session on Design thinking application for Product development session with Umesh Thota at CoKarma  29th February 2020
CIE IIITH hosted Start.ops session on UI and UX design with Dhayan Kumar and Gopal Chandavath  2nd March 2020
Headstart Hyderabad hosted Startup Saturday on “Challenges in Fund raising for startups” 8th February 2020

 Senior Government Officers of J&K visited CIE IIITH on 26th February 2020
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