Meet the startup building Rehabilitation devices and Smart wearables

In India, patient rehabilitation is the major cause of concern for the medical industry. Specially in Tier II cities, there is a major disconnect between the problem and solution for such patients. SOUJHE Innovative, is building healthcare devices for patients suffering from physiotherapy problems for people’s independence and improved quality of life.

Products– Soujhe Innovative Healthcare Devices Pvt. Ltd., aims to build physiotherapy assist devices to enable patients with upper limb related problems to avail effective and affordable exercise. The device proposed will allow for range of motions in the passive and active (device assisted) modes. This coupled with smart devices & integrated games help improve patient engagement. This solution helps track, measure and report patient’s exercise progress.

Currently, Soujhe Innovative Healthcare Devices Pvt. Ltd are working on two devices:

 RMatics – Active & Passive Upper & Lower Limb Rehabilitation Device

 SIMPhyzee – Smart Wearable Rehabilitation Device


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