How the pandemic has redefined Media Tech

In this series of Fire up talks, we hosted Mr. Vineet Shetty who is the founder of PLOP stories. We discuss – Media Tech and how the pandemic has redefined media tech. We also briefly touch base on the allied technology that can be used to create better content.

Plop Stories is a mobile only application, It is an interactive experience around storytelling. At Plop stories, Immersive reading where text based format is being converted into a format of audio and video. Their aim is to make users take innovation and drive sound effects that enhance the experience of learning.

What is media Tech?

It is a broad segment, Media and Entertainment are almost the same.Netflix- kindle are included in Media Tech. The lines between all these technologies overlapping with each other.
At some level, any kind of content that gets delivered to the customer can be considered as Media tech.

Use of AR/VR

AR/ VR has been a technology in use for a very long time, it was not picked up in India because of bandwidth issues. To create a film of AR/VR we require alot data to process it which is currently not available in India. While creating different versions of viewing different perspectives, To use AR/Vr software we need a higher bandwidth,once 5G starts in India this boom will come in media tech.

Trends we can expect in OTT

– Bundling of services- so the end user can avail the content across all platforms.
– Free Vs Subscriptions -Introduce free and subscription content.
– Advertising model where you can consume premium content in exchange of Adverts. 

Coviewing and Social viewing- Popularity

The reason OTT platforms have become so popular is because of convenience, given different preferences in Content and time, that this luxury does not exist in Coviewing or social viewing.
While there is a use case, it has a small use case but only with gaming or movie watching.

Generically, it might not make sense but making social viewing available for later might be helpful.There are no interesting models around Social viewing, one use case can be where the user has a say in how the story telling goes.

News curation
Two types of content News that happen :
Push publication
Recommendation engine that picks up news that is relevant to the user. 

There is a lot of research being done with creating a lot of inputs from different. Input side of the video, Based on your emotions the video alters itself.Advertising is also a  classic example in this case, where the user behaviour is analysed and adverts can be screened.

Takeaways :
Ai, Blockchain and AR/VR are the important technology of tomorrow. Immersive content is the next go to feature in media tech.