Your guide to Going Global

Your guide to Going Global

Introduction: In this course,we discuss how tracking, market research and pivoting can help you scale globally and the significance of engaging with international markets.Ways to  identify leads, identify markets to come to the value proposition and ways to get connected to the right contacts in order to enter foreign markets.

Lesson 1: Mistakes to avoid while going global, Local

Speaker: Venkatesan from Flatbpebble talks to us about the mistakes to avoid and what questions to ask when you take the company global. Venkatesan spends most of his time talking to customers and the rest of it in building the product and the organisation.

Video AHow does one identify a global need for their solution?(:00-13:11 sec)

Video B.  How important is it to find a serious channel to engage with international markets?(13:11-21:24 sec)

Quick reads:
5 Mistakes to avoid when going global.

Reading Material:
Breaking into international Markets

Taking your business global

Lesson 2: First foray into US Markets:

Speaker:In Conversation with Rajiv Co-founder of,in this lesson we discuss building markets in the US.

Video A.  How does one identify an opportunity for their product in a foreign market?(:00-11:26 sec)

Video B.  How does one plan entering a foreign market?(11:27-26:03 sec)

12 Steps to enter foreign markets

Reading Material:
How to enter the US market with your startup
Success stories for entering markets