First foray into US markets: In conversation with Rajiv, founder Agilitix

CIE brings to our Deeptech community,

Fire Up Founder Insights series 5th edition, hosted by our COO, Mr. Ramesh Loganathan. The series is brought to you as a part of Startup Gyan Blog series by CIE-IIITH  where we feature our founders and talk about their Startup status and the journey so far through conversation on specific topics useful for other Deeptech startups and the community at large.

In Conversation with Rajiv, founder Agilitix:

Agilitix is a Data Analytics Startup that offers an AI platform to get actionable insights from different data points. The platform learns the normal behaviour of metrics, identifies anomalies and outliers with unprecedented level of accuracy and provides real-time interactive dashboards that could be shared with others to collaborate.

“World’s fastest growing companies are in India; with ton of data problems and good funds they are on a lookout for partnering with startups to outsource the problem”

Transition from India to US:

There are certain factors that help in a faster product launch and traction in US. If your revenue potential is higher, explore US markets and since the user reference is much more there, leverage it.

First visit activities

  • Market validation works differently in US, work on it before making a visit
  • Devise a list of leads and plan how to demonstrate
  • Identify connects and references from close pool
  • The alternate approach is to dig through different channels to strike the first conversation
  • Keep track of time as it is valued more closely there
  • Optimise your visit financially

Prepare the Pitch:

Identify the problems in the first few minutes of conversation and tweak the pitch to resonate with the audience

If you have just 20-30 minutes, what would you use?

Share your customer anecdotes to pique interest and then move to guide the audience through the deck

The Growth Hack tip:

Validate your product with you customer and with mentors, advisors and friends.
Get out of the building and Talk to people! (Now you could e-talk, stay indoors as much as possible)

Watch the complete interview for some cool anecdotes and fun facts!

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Stay safe and sound!

– Sunita Kumari, Team CIE