Fire Up Series In Collaboration With SucSEED Indovation

CIE IIITH and SucSEED Indovation come together to launch Fire Up, a startup targeted talk series. The talk series will focus on talking about startup operations, entrepreneurship and building a successful venture.

SucSEED Indovation is formed to support and nurture upcoming deep-tech startups. Our core team members are serial angel investors, mentors, industry leaders and are closely associated with the startup ecosystem for a long time.

Below we have curated all the topics this program has touched base upon.

First Foray into US Markets

Speaker: Lax Chepuri is a serial entrepreneur, founder of Tech Genie who discusses What kind of startups make it to the US Market?

Investment Process – The legals demystified.

Speaker: Ekta Bahl is a corporate lawyer, actively engaged in the startup ecosystem helps us understand What is the legal investment process for each stage of startup funding? 

Designing strategies for business development

Speaker: Sai Sundaram is an active angel investor and a trusted advisor to CIOs in complex M&A transactions. He talks about How do you define business development?

Understanding Term Sheets

Speaker: Dhiraj Kumar Sinha is a Lawyer and Company Secretary with around 18 years of experience.What are the key documents to have in place for an investment process?

Understanding startup Valuation and exits.

Speaker: Vineeta Gupta has had a long financial career in Investment banking, working with VCs, Private Equity funds and the like.What is startup valuation? How does value get translated to valuation?

Navigating The Regulators When Reaching Markets

Speaker: Abhinav Parashar is the co-founder and CEO at Digio. He is a Product & Tech enthusiast.  Were you aware of the regulatory system when you started with Digio?

Financial Processes, Structures and Compliance

Speaker: Krishna is the founder of JSS Pro Services and an active investor with the SucSEED Indovation fund and other channels. Instances of startups being in trouble for their books not being in order.

Balancing Growth and Risk

Speaker: Sanjay Jesrani is a highly regarded investor/mentor in Hyderabad associated with Go North Ventures.The structural factors that define your ability to mitigate risk.