Drawing Value and Pivoting in Relevant Markets

Drawing value and Pivoting in relevant markets

In this course, We discuss how product evolution happens via customer feedback and initial pivots.To maximise on your learning and product evolution,we emphasize the importance of investing in your learning and comparing your product with sophisticated markets.How ecommerce has revolutionized the way various players in the retail space modify markets and scale using strategies by integrating hybrid models.


Lesson 1:Market Signals to Pivot Products


Speaker:Umesh Thota started AuthBase three years ago with over 10 years of experience in building technology and Products.With a team of collective strength of 50 years in technology and business today he has suite of products specially focused from your SDLC to deployment from Vulnerability Management to Threat Mitigation we realized there is a strategic change required in how cyber-attacks and threats are fought just as the worms are becoming intelligent the defences we present need to be intelligent as well.


Video A.  How did you distinguish between security violations vs usage anomalies ?  (00:00 – 10:46)

Video B.  In early stages what kind of signals are looking for talk to channels or anybody ?  (10:46 – 26:23)


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Lesson 2 :E-commerce blues during COVID-19

Speaker: Raj from Fabulyst discusses with us how ecommerce and covid-19 are interconnected.


Video A.  Looking at E-commerce in 2016 and now in 2020 what  are the differences in the market ? (00:00 – 9:37)

Video B.  What sectors do you think can kind of take this hybrid model ? (9:37 – 18:56)


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Lesson 3: Lockdown – Challenge or Opportunity for innovation in transportation

Speaker: Raja Gayam is the founder of GMW.GMW is a continuation of the contribution being made by predecessors of Gayam brothers to the automobile manufacturing industry for the past 28 years.

Video A.  What is your primary problem for the market needs that you spend time on designing and defining ? (:00 – 9:22)

Video B.  How are you handling the whole manufacturing downtime in lockdown ? (9:22 – 20:36)


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Lesson 4: Discovering Lateral Markets

Speaker: Paresh Masade from Vaave, shares with us his insights on market acquisition and how to spot lateral markets.


Video A.  How did market acquisition work ? How did you manage to plan the market and start getting interest ? (:00 – 12:26)

Video B.  What specific things would suggest that somebody should do this spot lateral market (12:26 – 17:58)


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Lesson 5:Value chains for Agri innovation

Speaker: Pradeep from Thanos discusses the various problems in the Agri tech system.Thanos is an Aerial Solutions provider using drones to offer innovative solutions to conventional problems. Using a mix of Hardware and Software platforms, we redefine services which are conventionally catered to by terrestrial solutions.


Video A.  What channels exist to discover the problem and validate things in agri innovation ? (:00 – 13:31)

Video B.  If we need to go to the farmers directly then What avenue to take funds out ? (13:31 – 24:41)


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Lesson 6:Spotting market avenues for a consumer wearable product


Speaker: Ravi from Monitra is a graduate at Cornell University and has worked with various companies like Johnson and Johnson and Biosense Webster.


Video A.  How did you find the channels for product and  market avenues to way its users ? (:00 – 12:31)

Video B.  How do you get that point where you can explain the value proposition ? (12:31 – 20:01)


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Lesson 7:Leveraging research to win market

Speaker: Nijil the CEO of Mashinga, Mashinga provides a Voice AI computing platform for Enterprises to leverage the power of speech. We have built our proprietary Speech to Text engine which is domain adaptable, scalable and on-premise deployable. We focus on BFSI, Telco, and Broadcast as our primary domains.


Video A.  How did the engagement with research start ? (:00 – 10:24)

Video B.  What challenges have you faced  in research ? (10:24 – 22:58)


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Lesson 8:Navigating The Regulators When Reaching Markets


Speaker: Abhinav Parashar is the co-founder and CEO at Digio. He is a Product & Tech enthusiast. A decade in industry, solving problems by building products for various scales using diverse sets of technologies. Currently working on Digital Transformation in India.

Video A: Were you aware of the regulatory system when you started with Digio? (:00 sec to 12:40 sec)

Video B: How does one find out about the regulations? (12:41 sec to 35:37 sec)


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