Bio design for clinical unmet needs | Ojas@Lockdown Talks with Dr. Ambuj, Dr. Kranti K and Dr. Vikas Sahu

CIE conducted an interactive Ojas@Lockdown talks  with Dr. Ambuj, Senior VO, IKP, Dr. Kranti K, Director for Research & International affairs, Malla Reddy Health City and Dr. Vikas Sahu, Chief Innovation officer, Malla Reddy Health City  , as a part of ResilienceUnlocked series 2.0 – a Lockdown series designed for startups to tide over and unlock their potential during the pandemic.

Key Takeaways from the session


♦ Bio design Process is divided into 3 stages

  • Identify: Find the needs and screen
  • Invent: Concept generation and then screening these concepts to find solutions
    If the solutions are not found then go back to Phase1
  • Implement: Develop strategy and plan the business


♦ Clinical Immersion Process: Principle is to observe real people and real life situations in order to fully understand clinical procedures and techniques. It involves following phases:

⇒ Strategic Focus: Identifying strategic areas to focus based on medical speciality, interest area, personal passion, insights etc. according to our potential.

⇒ Need Finding: Structuring our needs acc. to the type of problem, the domain of people we are pitching the problem and the expected outcome. For this we need to do the following-

  • Background Research- Background Research of population affected, competitors, disease burden, efficacy of available solutions disease burden etc. becomes very important in order to move further in the process
  • Observation- Observation by being a part of the team in actual clinical setting and indulging in informal discussions, ethnographic research, empathy mapping by observing with beginners mindset. Ethics and documentation are also crucial parts of observation
  • Interview-Ask “why” and encourage stories. Questions should not be binary and biased. Not everyone is vocal hence we should pay attention towards non-verbal cues and studying their body language


⇒ Need Statement: Need Statement must be identified only in the domain of “PROBLEMS”, “POPULATION” and “OUTCOME”.

⇒ Need Exploration: Understanding various elements of need identified i.e. disease state fundamentals, existing solutions, stakeholder analysis and market analysis.





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– Sunita Kumari, Team CIE