Apxor: The Complete Product Intelligence Platform

Apxor is an advanced product analytics solution that answers the toughest product questions, effortlessly.

App developers can get the reasons behind users dropping off, uninstalling and more. Apxor also provides tools that act in this rich context to enhance user experience in the app by contextually nudging them with walkthroughs, tooltips and more.It helps in moving the needle of app’s KPIs like Conversions, Retention and Engagement, and reducing Churn.

Products- Apxor helps build intuitive products by understanding user intent and personalising user experiences in real-time. It offers two products-

 Apxor Product Intelligence: It is the analytics wing of Apxor, which helps understand the impact of user actions on your KPIs, and solve the ambiguities of the your product. The features include impact, behavioural and qualitative analytics.

 Apxor Behavioural Cues: It is the rapid experimentation framework provided by Apxor, which helps improving feature discoverability and increasing app adoption, throughly easily designable contextual nudges.


Know more about the startup here: http://www.apxor.com