AI in HealthCare

AI in HealthCare

Introduction: In this course we will discuss how to spot opportunities for AI in healthcare and the importance of bringing in AI technologies in all things healthcare. AI in healthcare by analysing a case study. Building a dataset, analysing a data set and using AI to build a solution for a business problem. 

*We also discuss how AI has transformed healthcare in the pandemic.

Lesson 1: Spotting opportunities for AI in Healthcare.

Speaker: Abhishek Kaushal is the CEO and founder of RayD8 wherein he  leads a team of data scientists, engineers & panel of medical experts to develop intelligent clinical applications. He is passionate about AI, Product, and medical research.

Video A.  How does one spot opportunities for AI in healthcare?(:00-10:41 sec)

Video B.  How to proceed once an opportunity for AI has been spotted?(10:42-17:19 sec)

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Lesson 2: Defining AI used cases in Healthcare.

Speaker: Nirmal Uppugundla is the co-founder of Kidsens, an intelligent data science driven health technology company focussed on transforming pediatric development and behavior health. 

Madhavi Adimulam and Pradeep Meegada are the co-founders and directors at Kidsens.

Video A.  Case Study: AlphamuTech: Use of AI in Healthcare (:00-8:51 sec)

Video B.  How does one spot the need for AI in solving a business problem?
(8:51-24:03 sec)

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Lesson 3: Beyond medicine: Leveraging devices for wellbeing.

Speaker: Shivi Kapil is the founder of Empathy Design Labs, designing solutions to one of the world’s biggest health challenges – Stillbirth. She is also actively involved in User Research and Experience Design for Indian and global Healthcare problems.


Video A.  How to use emerging technologies for medicinal wellbeing?(:00- 10:31 sec)

Video B.  Why are emerging technologies not being used beyond diagnostic purposes in healthcare? (10:32-21:14 sec)

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