A program for every stage: CIE IIITH offers 360 degrees support to Early stage startups

With more and more number of ideas and sprouting Entrepreneurial mindsets, we are witnessing a large influx of startups from every sector and domain, especially technology-based ventures. Though the ideas generating every minute indicates a growing number of early ventures, 9 out of 10  of these fail and wither in the first few years. The rate is even
staggering in the first year of idea inception.

When statistically the risk is this high, ​there is a sound need for supporting business creation at different startup development phases and the founders from nothing to success. Accommodating this objective CIE IIITH design and redesign different programs based on the evolving needs of early-stage startups from idea to their first seed round of funding.

From Idea to Seed

Depending on the stages, there is an offering catering to stage-specific needs of tech startups. Let’s navigate through each one of these!