Path to Marketable MVP

product strategy 101 tvarit module

  • Program:

Path to marketable MVP


  • Objective:

To help early stage startup teams to validate their idea, help provide guidance for converting these ideas into a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) on a solid foundation.


  • Who is it for?: 

This program is intended for early stage startup teams working on a hypothesis or in the early stages of building their Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Typical startup at this stage would:

  • Comprise of the founders and optionally, have a few early team members
  • Mostly bootstrapped (may have raised small amount of pre-seed to seed funding)
  • Commitment to actively participate and engage with the resources provided by CIE


  • Program Structure:

The program takes in a small number of startups and pair them with a resident mentor to methodically work through the following. The structure may vary depending on the context of your startup.



Mutual introductions with the team and the mentor


Early customer development

  • What is the problem or need that you are trying to address?
  • Who are you solving it for?
  • What is the validation that the problem/need indeed exists?


Early validation of the solution (pre-build phase)

  • What do you need to build to validate your proposed solution?
  • How can you build prototypes rapidly?
  • How do you get validation from prospective customers that your solution indeed addresses the problem?


Development of the solution

  • How do you go about building the solution?
  • How do you go through the processes of ‘product development’? Includes a variety of choices that you would make in the early startup journey – Team, Technology & architecture, Design assumptions, Product roadmap etc.


MVP Launch

  • How do you plan to launch your MVP?
  • How do you objectively validate the solution?
  • How do you plan on getting feedback from early customers?
  • How do you validate that feedback and add to your next iteration?


  • Program Calendar:

Program is spread across two months and includes:

  • Bootcamp
  • Bi-weekly sessions with a resident mentor
    • Up to 90 minutes every alternate week
    • Agenda discussed in the context of your startup
  • Post program benefits
    • Follow- on access to programs, demo days for a year
    • Periodic access to mentors based on mutual availability

For more details please email: Call us at: 040-6653 1211