Product co-creation

product co-creation tvarit modules

  • Program:

Product Co-Creation


  • Objective: 

To help startups build products with the help of IIIT’s research labs and professors and Jointly produce a mutually valued outcome.


  • Duration:

A 2 month program for each cohort. By the end of the program startups to have a right product with feedbacks from stakeholders and inputs from research advisory and lab support.


  • Outcomes:

Validation of technology use in the product based on inputs from the relevant research lab. Access to IIITH technology integrated and deployed, IP. Technology road map.


  • Stage of Startup: 

Early stage (full time founder and a basic prototype with probable market opportunity).


Structure of program:

  • Root node: Technology need assessment
    • Technology need of the startups would be accessed and the relevant connect with the experienced Professor would be facilitated
  • Mentor Session Series
    • Review of technology and advisory by IIIT Professor
    • Access to IIIT technology, training AI tools and techniques, modelling
    • Pre and post deployment advisory for tuning and improvising the solution based on the real-life scenarios
    • IP advisory and technology Strategy mentoring
  • Additional Consideration- Co-development and co-building of technology ( Lab support)


  • What do you get post program?

Follow- on access to mentors, programs, demodays for a year