MedTech Product Validation

medtech product validation

  • Program:

MedTech Product Validation



  • Objective:

To learn methods for testing and validating products for healthcare. Program will cover the basics of designing and executing clinical studies.



  • Duration:

A 2 month program starting with a boot camp followed with 4 mentoring sessions and a demo day to clinicians, hospitals for initiating collaboration on clinical studies.



  • Structure of program:


  • Bootcamp

  • Mentor session series

    • Understanding the need for a clinical study and defining the objectives
    • Identifying and selecting the appropriate clinical study design
    • Learning to use the data from clinical studies to: Define product differentiation, establishing sensitivity and specificity of products, enabling customer acquisition.
    • Business plan for clinical studies that do not meet product objectives.
  • Demo day



  • What do you get post program?

Follow- on access to mentors, programs, demodays for an year