Go-to Angels

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  • Program: 

Go-to Angels 




  • Objective:

To get startups ready for investors by giving a crisp and clear articulation of problem, opportunity, solution, value proposition, GTM readiness, near term plans and validation through pilots.



  • Duration:

1-month program to have a pitch in place that is investment ready starting with a bootcamp to level set the knowledge followed by 4 powerful mentoring sessions, one trial pitch presentation and a final demo day.



  • Outcomes:

  • Strategy/GTM review and tweaks.
  • Refined Pitch deck in investor formats. Pitch basics
  • Pitch to investors. And ongoing access to CIEs network



  • Stage of Startup:

Startups that have done all legwork/ have the product/some traction/ looking to raise  1Cr+




  • Structure of program:

  • 1 Day Bootcamp  : “How to be investor ready by seasoned investors”

  • Mentor Session Series

    • Strategy Review: Problem, opportunity, solution, USP, GTM
    • Pitch version 1 – Content Correction: Market overview, problem, solution, strategy planning, core value, customer segments, competition & differentiators, GTM plans & channels, revenue model
    • Pitch version 2 – Readiness & review: VISUAL- design/ flow aesthetics with White Cloud
    • Trial pitch and guidance on how to pitch.. by investor panel
    • Investor Pitch – Final Demo Day


  • What do you get post program?

Follow- on access to mentors, programs, demodays for a year