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About This Event

This three-month program, with five days of contact workshops each month gives entrepreneurs an overview of important aspects of building and running a startup. The contact workshops will broadly cover:

Research office hours

Startups will get a rare opportunity to work on location at the IIIT-Hyderabad campus with dedicated plug and play desks if the startup chooses to take seat in IIIT-Hyderabad’s co-working space, and collaborate with the institute’s research centres on the incubation of their next big idea to develop cutting edge solutions. The co-working space will also provide access to various service providers running the entire gamut of legal advisors, designers, content developers, chartered accountants, IP lawyers, digital marketers, company secretaries as well as those highly sought after Cloud Credits from Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

Mentoring from professors and investors

Assisting in a startups arduous journey from tech ideation to innovation and implementation are IIIT-H Foundation’s faculty, research scholars, institutional partners and domain experts who will offer their guidance and domain expertise during the course of the program (three-months). However, if startups take seat(s) at the institute’s co-working space, then they will have access to this support through research Office hours as long as they have a seat at the co-working space.

Co-working with other deep-tech startups

Work under one roof with fellow startups within a community of entrepreneurs who share similar goals and an overall collective vision. Stay motivated in a cross learning environment comprising of startups from various tech domains and exchange ideas. Who knows, some of those conversations between co-workers, teammates or even clients could just be the germination of the next big thing or another joint venture.

Research lab connect series

Startups who’ve impressed CIE@IIIT-H and its research faculty sufficiently enough will gain access to the institute’s labs to rev up further testing of their concepts. And then there’s also access to the AR/VR and makers labs.

Seed funding opportunities

Depending on the developmental stage as well as how impressed the panel is by a startup’s idea and tech chutzpah, seed funding could range anywhere between 50k-1lakhs.

Let's talk product


Personal Leadership

A key element of entrepreneurship, the program will cover personal leadership lessons, including but not limited in understanding self, relationship building, etc.



An opportunity to talk to the research scholars or the professors from the IIIT research labs is facilitated, where each startup gets to interact one-on-one and find ways to sort its technical hurdles if any.


Peer interactions

Divide details about your product or agency work into parts. Write a few lines about each one. A paragraph describing a feature will be enough.



Basics of business and management functions essential to building and running a startup

Entry / Eligibility Criteria

1. Start-up should be India-based

2. Age of founder (s) should be >18 years at the time of application

3. Age of venture should be ‹12 months

4. The startup must have done customer research in addition to any secondary research for their idea

6.The startups should be for-profit ideas

5. The startup should be a tech-based social enterprise that is solving social or environmental challenges in India, but will have application anywhere in the world:

A. The technology on which the start-up is based should be in the realm of ICT and should be an integral part of the startup, such that the business cannot exist if the technology aspect is absent.

B. The startup should work towards either benefitting the people at the bottom of the pyramid or making a positive impact on the environment.

Frequently asked questions :

1.What costs do I have to bear to be part of the program?

arrow_forwardOnly if you decide to take up the physical space at Launchpad, you will have to pay the rent for the number of seats that you take.

2. Is accomodation provided by IIIT Hyderabad at its campus for the duration of the program?


3. Will my travel costs be reimbursed?


4. Will IIIT-H Foundation provide me working space during the program duration?

arrow_forwardDuring the five days contact program, IIIT-H Foundation takes care of the working space. But if you need working space otherwise, check with the incubation manager.

5. Who should I contact if I have any questions about the program?

arrow_forwardDuring the orientation of the program, you’ll be introduced to you the POC. You may reach out to him/her for any of your questions regarding program.

6. Will my startup be eligible for any funding/grants at the end of the program?

arrow_forwardYes, there will be a seed fund of Rs. 50K - 1Lakh depending upon the decision taken by the panel.

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