Prayas lab is the makers lab at CIE IIIT Hyderabad. It is equipped with the following equipments

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S.noName of the Equipment 
1Angle Grinder 900W - 125 mm AGM061S
2Precision Belt Sander 400W EFM1001
3Wet and Dry Grinder 250W BGM1021
4Bench Sander 375W BGM1003
5Precision Circular Saw 400W CSM1038
6Radial Mitre Saw 2000W MSM1036
7Jig Saw 710W JSM1014
8Circular Saw 1200W CSM1033
9Multi Tool 250W OTM1004
10Combitool 160W CTM1010
11Bench Pillar Drill 350W TDM1025
12Air Nailer ATM1044
1383-Pcs Toolset TBM1034
14Air Blow gun Long + short nozzel ATM1050
15Acrylic bending machine
16PCB Prototyping machine Model: ET-PCB30
17AFG2021 Arbitrary/ Function Generator
18Fluke 875 Digital Multimeter- Industrial True RMS Digital MM
19Ultimaker S 5 series (30x30 cm)
20Sinterit Lisa SLS 3D printer
21Bio-printer (INKREDIBLE)
22SPOT welder
23Thrust stand 30KG
24Cordless drill 24v li-ion
25SMD work station
27Laser welding machine
28Dell PowerEdge T30 Server, Intel Xeon E3-1225 v5 with 16GB RAM and 1TB SATA Hard Disk
29Form2+SLA Model: Think 3D Printer
30LASER Cutting Machine (1200mm X 600mm) version
31Computers upgraded version (6 quantity)
32Impact Drill 1050W PDM1037S
33Chopsaw 2300W - 355mm COM1005P
34Li-Ion Screwdriver 3.6V 1.3Ah CDM1108S
35Angle Polisher 1400W AGM1037
36Bosch GTS 10J 1800 W Table Saw
37Jig saw table
38TDS2022C Oscilloscope
39Smoke Absorber (3)
40Microscopic camera
41Components ( resistors, motors, capacitors, development boards etc)
42Electronic Components (Kit) Accelerometers, Ultrasonic sensors, Thermometer - IR, Flex sensor, IR sensor, RF modules, RFID Module, Servo motors, Stepper motors, Hack Saw, Vernier Calipers, C Clamps, Bar Clamps, Engineering Compass and Divider, Set square
43Fabric / Textile Sewing Cutting - Industrial ( Juki)
44Soldering station (1)