Everything you need to know about our Programs

"MedTech FastTrack"


Perfect launch for a new MedTech based startup at the largest academic incubator (and the first deeptech incubator) in the country, CIE@IIITH. Work amongst the other MedTech startup as you build out your idea and realise your first version of the product and startup. Idea stage workshops to help you refine the idea, validate, gain competitive positioning, understand market segments, arrive at initial market plan, build the MVP and get pilot customers. Get help from research labs on cutting ecge Machine Learning in speech, machine and image aspects, nano sensors and bio informatics as you build the product .


  • A 6 month new startup seeding program. With a seed investment of Rs.5 lacs, and an special investment option at the end of 6 months of upto 25lacs.
  • For idea stage startups, with a full-time founder, working on a idea needing deep technology
  • Idea stage bootcamps (workshops, over the first 3 months)
    • Idea Curation & Validation
    • Customer Discovery & Market Plan
    • Biz models & PItch workshop
    • Design Thinking & MVP definition
  • Research Connect:
    • Help get assistance from the research labs for deep tech aspects (in an advisory mode)
  • Mentor Connect:
    • Access to mentors for biz and market assistance.
  • Seed investment: 5 lacs
    • Convertible debt (max equity 4%)
  • Investor Connect : A pitch day at the end of the program to the Investors for 20-50 lacs investment
  • Startup support Services - Access to various service providers running the entire gamut of legal advisors, designers, content developers, chartered accountants, IP lawyers, digital marketers, company secretaries as well as those highly sought after Cloud Credits from Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

Entry/Eligibility Criteria:

  • Start-up should be India-based
  • Full-time Founder
  • The startup should ideally have a basic MVP in place
  • The startup should have a medical angle and deep tech.


  1. What costs do I have the bear to be part of the programme?
    You'll have to Rs. 4500/- per seat per month in the incubator office.
  2. What is the selection process?
    Interested applicants have to apply through our website.Give the link here. The shortlisted applicants will be informed about its selection to the pitching session happening in IIIT-H. The applicants will have to pitch to a panel. The selected one after this round will be informed about its selection to the program in a week time.
  3. Will my travel costs to the pitching session be reimbursed?
  4. Who should I contact if I have any questions after I join the programme?
    During the orientation to the programme, CIE@IIITH will appoint a POC.
  5. Will my startup be eligible for any funding during the programme?
    Yes, funding is one of the key parts of this programme. Depending on the developmental stage as well as how impressed the panel is by a startup’s idea and tech chutzpah, seed funding could range anywhere between 5 lakhs-10 lakhs. CIE@IIITH will take up a 4% equity on the seedfund.
  6. For any further information drop an email to