2 Months Micro-accelerator on clinical immersion for ideation & validation


Clinical immersion for ideation & validation



To help startups, innovators to Identify clinical unmet needs & validate via an intensive Hospital immersion process.



An 8 weeks curated program for entrepreneurs in Healthcare. Micro-accelerator will be run by OJAS MedTech, in collaboration with clinical immersions partner Mallaready HealthCity.


Who should attend?

  • Startups in the healthcare domain, medtech startups
  • Entrepreneurs, innovators at ideation stage, planning to start prototyping


Program Structure:

The program takes in a small number of startups and facilitate a hospital immersion with MRHC. The structure may vary depending on the context of your startup.


  • Bootcamp
  • Mentoring sessions by clinicians, physicians etc.


 Program content outline:

  • Basics of Biodesign Principles & Innovation in Healthcare
  • Basic patient management & stakeholder analysis
  • Understanding the healthcare needs
  • Identification of medical domain to work on
  • Identification of Problem statement through a real time dialogue with multiple stakeholders
  • Validation of Problem statement through multiple stakeholders
  • Workshop on Medical Regulations


Program Calendar:


  • Program is spread across two months and includes:
  • Bootcamp: Mutual introductions with the team, mentors & setting up the context
  • Mentoring sessions:
  • Bi-weekly sessions with industry regulatory mentors
  • Up to 90 minutes every alternate week
  • Agenda discussed in the context of your startup


Program Benefits

  • This program will help startups to find the real problem to be solved for a better societal impact/adoption
  • Follow- on access to mentors, events & demo-days for a year