Module 1: Setting Up a Startup Incubator

Speakers: Raj Janagam, Ravi Sarkunan from AIC IIITH



Raj Janagam: Raj works on high-impact businesses in the capacity as a business advisor, coach, and consultant. He has coached over 65 start-ups since 2013 and is the CEO of the Atal Incubation Centre – IIIT Hyderabad Foundation to support early-stage social enterprises leveraging technology to achieve SDGs. He advises the Telangana Social Impact Group which is the CSR Cell of the Govt of Telangana. At Global Shapers Community he is a part of the Advisory Council on Governance and Accountability and is also a member of the Hyderabad Hub.



Ravi Sarkunan: With 15+ years’ experience in business & industry research, market & competitive intelligence, consulting (corporate and NGOs), program management, client pursuit and account support and in B2B marketing, Ravi has helped grow research team capabilities through process improvement and practice initiatives, training and coaching colleagues.

About the module: Are you a startup ecosystem enthusiast looking to set up an incubator? Wonder no more.

This module introduces you to the entrepreneurial ecosystem and gives you an overall view of the concepts and the vision that entail the journey of building an incubator from scratch. It talks about the hows and whys of incubation and briefly covers all the demographic, structural, strategic and thematic aspects that you must consider before diving into the world of incubation. Through this module, your hypotheses and assumptions with respect to the ecosystem are challenged with a view to give you a realistic and holistic approach to building your own incubator.

By the end of this module you would have a rudimentary understanding of the basics of setting up an incubator, from the vision to the execution.


Course Outcome Checklist:

After this module the learner would be able to :

  • Create a long term vision for their incubator.
  • Understand the incubation ecosystem at large and the role of incubators in the ecosystem.
  • Understand the different types and natures of incubators.
  • Recognize the various research angles and market research dynamics associated with setting up an incubator.


Video Breakup:

Basics of building an incubator in the ecosystem-:00-29:56 sec

Defining the vision and organizational strategy for your incubator -29:57-56:50 sec


Quick Reads:

How to conduct a feasibility study for your incubator?

What is a Business Model Canvas?

Business Model Canvas Template


Reading Material:

A guide for building an incubator

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