Module 3: Identifying Revenue Streams & legal Aspects

Speakers : Dr. Ashwitha Karkera, C-Camp


C Camp: The Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms (C-Camp) is a Department of Biotechnology (Govt. of India) supported initiative and a Not for profit Organisation, that also forms an important part of the Bangalore Life Sciences Cluster. C-Camp provides startups access to functional laboratory along with high end technology platforms. C-Camp hopes to serve innovative startup companies and scientific entrepreneurs.


Ashwitha K: Ashwitha K is the Manager of Incubation at K-Tech, TBI, C-Camp.

About the module: While setting up an incubator in a buzzing ecosystem sounds quite overwhelming, it is important to figure out and solidify revenue streams and legal aspects before deep diving into the details. To help you recognize available resources, understand the legal dynamics and bolster revenue streams, we bring to you Module 3 of this course.


This module will walk you through the necessary legal compliances, including the importance of good documentation, essentials of an agreement and verticals to attract startups. The different revenue models and approaches to startup engagement will become clear through this module. C-Camp’s collaboration with UAS-B and commitments with Gowsiya serve as case studies for new incubators to get a deeper and detailed understanding of stakeholder agreement and startup engagement.


At the end of this module, you would be able to chalk out primary and secondary streams of revenue based on your incubator’s vision and mission.


Course Outcome Checklist:

After this module the learner would be able to :

  • Identify internal as well as external revenue streams.
  • Develop incubator engagement models, co relating to revenue streams.
  • Understand the legal aspects involved in revenue generation.
  • Develop a clear path for the incubator’s revenue generation.


Video Breakup:

Various revenue streams for incubators and legal issues pertaining to each of them– :00-39:00

Understanding startup engagement models: Case Study – 39:01-01:00:40


Quick Reads:

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Reading Material:

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