Module 5: Human Resources Processes

Speaker: Karthik Kittu, IIITB Innovation Centre

Karthik Kittu is currently the  Chief Innovation Officer @ IIITB Innovation Centre. Karthik holds a Bachelor’s of Science and Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from Bangalore University & a Masters in Arts (Psychology) from IGNOU and is pursuing a degree in Law currently. He is also Cisco, Checkpoint, Bluecoat Certified & is also a member of the National Cyber Security Task Force for India, constituted by NASSCOM & DSCI. Karthik has 16+ Years of Experience having worked with many Fortune 100 Clients. He  used to work for KPMG as a Senior Consultant for KPMG’s Risk Consulting Team and previously co-founded an EduTech Venture & a Venture in Culture where he built the product, technology and the team from scratch. He is an established social entrepreneur too.

About the module: : Human Resource Management is an integral component of any organisation. This course examines its significance from the standpoint of incubation centres  and attempts to cover every component associated with it. Also it discusses the role of organisational culture which explains the relationship of enterprise with employees and leadership. Apart from this the speaker opines on how acquisition of right talent is also crucial for the organisation to thrive.Talent with a willingness to develop, expand, and be enthusiastic about the entrepreneurial ecosystem should be sought out. Another essential aspect that has been emphasised by him is outstanding leadership. By generating team spirit, leadership aids in the achievement of the goal. According to the speaker entrepreneurship is an art in itself rather than just an activity.


Course Outcome Checklist:

After this module the learner would be able to :

  • Understand the management of human resources from hiring personnel to exit policy stages in incubation centres.
  • Understand what organisation culture means and how to develop one for your incubator.
  • Gain insight on the importance of talent management.
  • Understand the concept of overall organisation structure.
  • To comprehend entrepreneurship as a form of art. 


Video Breakup:


Understanding Human Resource Management process from hiring to exit policy – 00:19:51 sec

Building Talent Management and Organisation Structure for incubators – 19:51:48:36 sec


Quick Reads:

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Reading Material:

Human resource management in an incubation centre
Leadership in incubation centres