Module 4: Facilities and Administration of Incubation Centres

Speaker: Ramya Iyer, Forge Accelerator.


Ramya Iyer: Ramya is the operations manager at Forge Accelerator. Her responsibilities at Forge extend to investment and stakeholder management. She has 5+ years of extensive experience in software, project management and HR.

About this module: One of the best possible ways to understand a topic is to understand a real-life application of the same. This module provides the learner with just that by descriptively covering the administration and the facilities that an incubator offers by taking the learner through the inside working and functioning of Forge; one of the most prominent incubators of the country that partners with the MHRD.

There is a vivid description of how the technology lab facilities are provided by incubators by partnering with both corporates and the government to foster innovators, along with infrastructural and mentorship support. It discusses the various schemes of forge and delves into the nitty-gritties of them getting the financial support.

Part two of the video has an active Q&A session where multiple incubation managers and analysts put forward very relevant questions touching upon the following aspects namely; financial management, standard incubator practices, lab infrastructure, building corporate relationships, sources of funds. This module aims at providing the learner an insightful understanding into inner workings of a successful incubator.


Course Outcome Checklist:

After going through this module the learner would be able to:

  • Gain a perspective into the inside workings of a successful incubator
  • Understand the procedure of setting up and managing laboratories
  • Identify organizations to approach for requisite funds
  • Get an insight into successful incubation practices


Video Breakup:

A peek into the  Inside functioning of incubators – Case study of Forge – 00:00-29:00

How to build corporate relationships in the incubation ecosystem – 30:01-48:00


Attaching herewith a gamut of relevant links for the learner with instructions. It is advised to go through them all as instructed to add up to the module understanding and expand the learning horizon.


Quick Reads:


How to build upon effective corporate-startup relationships (43:01)

Instructions: This is a standard generalized article. The learner must keep in mind the local factors in mind.

Setting up a successful startup lab (33:00)

Instruction: This talks in detail about standard practices to set up tech-labs. The learner is advised to list the relevant ones.

Reading Material:


Standard practices for incubators to follow

Instruction: The learner is advised to just skim through the article and document the relevant pointers and keep them as references.