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FastApps Startup accelerator

"...Ideate...Appify...Disrupt... "

The FastApps Startup Accelerator is a 3-month structured program aimed at nurturing and empowering early entrepreneurs to convert their viable business ideas into tech-solutions. FastApps(Powered by WaveMaker), will be their tech partner for not just rapid prototyping but also to build the full solution.

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  1. What is the purpose behind this?
    The FastApps Innovation hub, for startups and enterprises alike, exists to appify and bring ideas to life in days NOT months. Our mission is to challenge status quo using speed-tech solutions. Enterprising entrepreneurs with a viable business idea can depend on a tech-partner and an incubator at the hub to go to market in less than 3 months’ time. For enterprises who seek agility and rapid process innovation, we’re offering the system and the tech required to self-disrupt at speed. But, performance agility gets greatly enhanced if technology can give employees the power of mobility. To do radically new things and to do them well, to catch customers by surprise and competition unawares, to redefine existing markets and to create new markets where none thought existed. All at speed.

  2. What is the FastApps Startup Accelerator program?
    The Fastapps Startup Accelerator is a 3-month structured program aimed at nurturing and empowering early entrepreneurs to convert their viable business ideas into awesome tech-solutions in 3 months. FastApps, powered by WaveMaker (A Pramati Technologies venture), will be the Tech partner for not only rapid prototyping but also to building the full solution.

  3. What is the schedule/activities expected in the programs?
    Month 1 (Intense) -> Month 2 (Assisted) ->Month 3(Passive/On-demand)
    • Week 1: Business Concepts/Market Fitment
    • Week 2: Prototype in 7 days / Customer Discovery
    • Week 3: Taking the MVP to market for feedback
    • Week 4:Design Thinking/App review
    • Week 5-8: Appification
    • Week 9-11: Go To Market
    • Week 12: Graduation: Pitch to investors

  4. Who can apply for the program?
    Any entrepreneur/s who is convinced he/ she has indefatigable passion and a disruptive, viable business idea. More importantly, the founders need to believe in the need for speed when it comes to bringing this idea to life using technology. Yep, we seek enterprising value creators in a hurry!

  5. What is the selection process for SA?
    Apply on F6S with details about your idea -> Mentors/Committee reviews your submission and selects 5 ideas -> Selected teams get notified.
    The selected startups will be required to work in Hyderabad in the CIE@IIITH (CIE stands for “The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship”) Premises for the entire duration of the program i.e. 3 months

  6. When does the program start?
    First batch of the program starts on June 5th.

  7. Whom can I contact for more information about SA?
    Please reach out to challenge@fastapps.company or lakshmi@iiith.org for more information

  8. What kind of ideas are welcome?
    Any viable business idea is welcome.

  9. I have a consumer app idea. Can I apply?

  10. Who owns the IP of the product/idea
    You/Your team completely owns the product/IP of the startups

  11. I already have a product but looking for business mentoring on how to launch. Can I apply?
    CIE@IIITH has several programs that cater to entrepreneurs in all stages. You may please refer to https://cie.iiit.ac.in/ for the list of programs. FastApps is best suited for entrepreneurs in the idea stage.

  12. So do we get a chance to pitch to investors?
    Yes. At the end of the program, you will get a chance to pitch your product to potential investors.

  13. What is the Wavemaker platform?
    Wavemaker is a low-code platform that combines rapid application Development (RAD) with PAAS (Platform As A Service) for customers wanting the speedy creation of custom Apps that are browser delivered (responsive web) or device installed (hybrid mobile apps). WaveMaker removes bottlenecks in building Apps* with good UI, using popular frameworks and industry-standard products. WaveMaker Apps are integration ready (with RESTful API) and scale well on cloud deployment.

  14. What if I don't get selected? Can I still contact FastApps for tech-support?
    Yes. Please reach out to challenge@fastapps.company

For any queries, contact lakshmi@iiith.org

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