Artificial Intelligence Product Development Bootcamp

Organized by MUST Research Labs in association with 

Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE), IIIT Hyderabad and Headstart



Fresh Technical Graduates (BE, BTech, ME, MTech, MS, MCA etc.), Young Entrepreneurs, 

Next-Gen Leaders, New Startup Co-Founders, IT Professionals, Junior Data Scientists


  • Healthcare – survival analysis, medical image and document processing, treatment optimization etc.
  • Education – special education, speech to text, automatic evaluation, math solver etc.
  • Agriculture – crop sowing forecast etc.
  • Retail – demand – supply, pricing, recommendation etc.
  • Transportation – route optimization, road safety, auto-scheduling, connected cars etc.
  • Smart Cities – e-governance etc.


  • Subject Matter Expert driven Online Interactive Program
  • Virtual Hands-on Practicals
  • Remote Mentoring and Doubt Clearing Sessions
  • Individual Group wise Assessment and Feedback
  • Participants and Mentors across the Nation


  • System: Laptop with Internet
  • Programming Language: Python
  • Fundamentals of Mathematics: Linear Algebra, Calculus, Combinatorics etc.
  • Basic Statistics: Variable, Distribution, Probability Theory etc.
  • Tools: Google Colab / Git
  • Presentation / Documentation: Google Slide, Google Doc etc.
  • BYOD: Laptop with Internet



Deadline for Early Bird Applications: 30th March 2021

Bootcamp Dates Batch 1 (Tentative) : 15th April 2021

Bootcamp is spread over 3 weekends

*Click on day to view schedule

1st Half

Theme: Understanding Data

Setup Real Data, Use Cases (Examples), Overview of AI and ML Process, Understanding Data, Data Cleansing / Missing Value Interpretation, Exploratory Analysis, Visualization, Problem Statements


2nd Half

Theme: Modeling and Prediction

Descriptive Analytics, Variable Transformation, Feature Engineering, Model Training (Examples)


Lab Activities:

Python Programming, Connecting the Dots between Data and Business, Modeling and Visualization


1st Half

Theme: Supervised Learning

Case Studies on Supervised ML, Regression Analysis, Classification Methods, Binary, Multi-Class, Inferencing, Evaluation and Error Analysis, Accuracy, Precision, Recall


2nd Half

Theme: Unsupervised Learning

Case Studies on Unsupervised ML, Clustering Techniques, Recommendation System


Lab Activities:

Supervised and Unsupervised Learning Use Cases and Exercises

1st Half

Theme: End-to-End Development

Intro to Product Design, Brainstorming with Ideas and Data from Participants, Coding Assignments, End-to-End Validation and Testing


2nd Half

Theme: Applied Artificial Intelligence

Mentoring and Fine-Tuning Ideas, Intro to Neural Networks (ANN)


Lab Activities:

Implementation of Minimum Viable Product with Bottom-up Approach

1st Half

Theme: Computer Vision

Intro to CNN, Applications: Computer Vision, Practicals: Object Detection etc.


2nd Half

Theme: Natural Language Processing

Intro to RNN / LSTM, Applications: Natural Language Processing, Practicals: Language Modeling etc.


Lab Activities:

Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing Hands-on Coding using Python


1st Half

Theme: Preparation

Preparation of Minimum Viable Product and Proof of Concept, Mentor Feedback and Iterations, Presentation Review


2nd Half

Theme: Demonstration

Final Product Pitch, Keynote by Jury Members, Conclusion, Awards and Announcements, Vote of Thanks


Lab Activities:

Unit Testing and Integration Testing, Reporting etc.


Fees: 10,000 INR  Early Bird(Applicable till March 30th 2021)

20,000 INR Regular 



Payment Methods


Bank Transfer

A/c No: 180405006490
IFSC: ICIC0001804

UPI: mustresearchlabs90@icici


Learning from industry professionals at MUST Research and leveraging the incubation platform at CIE, IIIT Hyderabad and getting Entrepreneurship Support from Headstart!

Contact: if any queries